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Nika and Kanika offer children and teenagers from 3.5 years old up to young adulthood, comprehensive and well-organized gymnastics programs, that cater to all abilities and goals. The club focuses keenly on gymnastics skills, with a balance of fun, challenge, and progress, and is for anyone with an interest whether it be for fun, to take part in competitions, or perhaps those with aspirations to one day be in the International Competition as a National Athlete!

We consistently strive to offer quality gymnastics classes to all ages and abilities and also offer an enjoyable learning experience that produces a profoundly positive and lasting effect on their personal growth. Our coaches are highly experienced in the artistic gymnastics field and hold FIG Certification Coaching Course. They are enthusiastic and ensure progress is made by each gymnast at any level of participation. Following the Australian Level Program, we offer kinder, beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes (from level 1 onwards). 

The uniqueness of our program is that we allow gymnasts to progress at their own pace.

Gymnastics is a learning process that is highly individual and progresses at a child's own pace. We assigns each child to their most appropriate skill level. The gymnast will go to the next level when she reaches the required skills for each level. Each gymnast's evaluation is a continuous process.

Our goal is to provide each student with the best gymnastics experience in a safe and fun environment.

Nika location is in Kemang, Jakarta Selatan

Kanika location is in Bintaro, Pesanggrahan, Jakarta Selatan


Our Vision

We are a family run club aiming to become one of the leaders in providing and promoting gymnastics, and as one of the best, strong, sustainable gymnastics club in Jakarta.

Our goal is to provide high quality gymnastics programs and give the youth to be able to active safely, giving them the best possible foundations for life, regardless of gender, age or ability. 

Our Mission

  • As a place to practice gymnastics that is fun, interactive, safe, and of high quality, to improve the abilities of every child within a healthy and positive environment, so that they can do gymnastic movements properly and correctly, on their own pace and reach their fullest potential.
  • Equipped them with the foundation to be successful, to support their physical, mental, and social development , which will have a good impact for them, not only in their chosen sport but for life.


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Why Gymnastics ?

Gymnastics offers many developmental benefits to children and young adults of all ages and abilities.


It is the only sport that works on total body strength, flexibility, and aerobic development

Considered as a fundamental life sport that builds concentration, confidence, strength, balance, and coordination in all those who participate

Enhance motor skill development and accelerates learning

Self-discipline is developed due to the very nature of the sport

Solid foundation for fitness and other sports

Provides an opportunity to develop social and time management skills

Early training results in increased kinesthetic awareness

Disease prevention

And It's Fun!


Artistic Gymnastics

Available in Nika Kemang and Kanika Bintaro

Artistic gymnastics is a dynamic sport where gymnasts complete short routines on equipment specially designed for the sport. The game is known for its artistry and grace and requires gymnasts to display exceptional balance, strength, and flexibility while doing somersaults, flips, and other acrobatic moves.

Artistic Gymnastics requires agility, amplitude, coordination, courage, flexibility, power, core, strength, and a combination of artistry and technical precision. 

Women's Artistic Gymnastics perform their exercise on four apparatus - Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise. 

While Men’s artistic gymnastics is competing in six events - the floor exercise, the pommel horse, the rings, the vault, the parallel bar, and the high bar

Our training program follows the ALP (Australian Level Program) with a choice of recreational or competitive system.

Gymnasts in Nika-Kanika are not particularly categorized as competitive or recreational.

Our training system is to train all gymnasts equally. Gymnasts work at their own pace within their own ability range. We believe that gymnasts can learn their skills faster with more practice time. 

Recreational gymnasts get to cement the fundamentals of the sport through classes and can transfer the techniques and skills they've picked up to plenty of other sports later in life. There’s no pressure of impending competition. 

Gymnasts practicing recreationally are purely doing it to learn more, stay fit, and have fun. After all, it’s never too late to start, from beginners to experts and toddlers to adults.

Recreational gymnastics classes take place once or twice a week.

Competitive gymnastics requires a much higher level of commitment – in terms of time, money, pressure, and expectation.

Competitive gymnasts have a more strict schedule. They train for 9 to almost 20 hours a week depending on which level they are in. Skipping training sessions is not an option here unless there is a strong valid reason and the coaches expect a very high commitment and a fast-paced progression.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Only in Kanika!

Kinder Gymnastics

Available in Nika Kemang and Kanika Bintaro

Kinder Gymnastics is a gymnastics class that can be followed by children aged 3.5 to 5 years, as an introduction before being more specific in an artistic gymnastics program. 

Our goal for this class is to give students a solid basic understanding of gymnastics body positions and skills.  Students will use all the equipment used in artistic gymnastics.  Students will practice climbing, rolling, jumping, swinging, bouncing, and hanging, which will help build strength, coordination, flexibility, and focus.

The classes provide an environment for children to develop physical and cognitive skills in a fun and playful way, at their own rate through guided exploration.

Watch your child grow in confidence and skill as they explore an environment that is safe, stimulating, and fun.


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